Now Benelux's biggest influencer marketing platform acquires to further strengthen their European expansion. Combined Influentials will connect over 15.000 content creators with Europe's leading brand and agencies. 

Influentials x Buzzooka


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Sharon Klaver

"Hanne Troonbeeckx founded Buzzooka on the same believes as Influentials, namely that influencers and companies must be able to easily find each other to work together. The acquisition of Buzzooka, therefore, is a first step towards the ambitions to make Influentials the influencer platform of Europe."

COO Influentials

Why Buzzooka?Influentials has had plans to extend the European market for a long time. The acquisition fits the goal to become the European leading influencer marketing platform.

Why Influentials?

Both platforms have adopted the same marketplace businessmodel and have similair vision about the market as a whole. A perfect match.

What about Hanne?

Hanne Troonbeeckx, founder of Buzzooka, will leave the influencer marketing space and continue her career as highly-sensitive person coach. 

What about my data?

We’ll ask brands and influencers to setup fresh accounts and will not migrate your profile or data. Who doesn’t like a fresh start!?

Who will I contact?

As an influencer you can always contact as by instant messenger, e-mail and phone. 

Influentials acquires Buzzooka

What will happen to Buzzooka?

In the following months all brands and influencers will be introduced to the influentials platform. All new campaigns will be managed from this platform.

Influentials now is Benelux's biggest software platform for influencer marketing. With the platform, brands connect with a network of influencers to run marketing campaigns in a scalable and transparent way. The influencers share their profile and social data insights with brands they collaborate with to create the best way to run campaigns at scale. 

The Influentials platform supports campaigns run on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, blogs and is already running beta campaigns with fast-growing social media platform TikTok. Influentials have run more than 1.000 campaigns for clients such as Cooblue, HelloFresh, and Unilever. With this acquisition, Influentials will further her growth in Europa.

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